Pausing 2 Care Studio
Gretchen Steele

I'm creating Pausing to Care: A creative well-being studio for women.

Gretchen Steele

I'm creating Pausing to Care: A creative well-being studio for women.

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Pausing to Care, is a creative wellness studio facilitating self-care for women by guiding them through calming, creative relaxation experiences  using breath, movement, and art making  free of comment or judgment.  

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Why You Should Join Me...

Join other women at Pausing to Care and experience creative, self-care  with breath, movement, and art in a community of well-being.  Help yourself pause during your busy life, then take better care of yourself mindfully!  Just like emergency instructions before airline take-off,  which always instruct you to first, put your own oxygen mask on first and begin pausing to care for yourself first, then others.    At Pausing to Care, you will participate in reflective, calming, creative self care activities easily implemented into your busy lifestyle.   Mindfully relax, then benefit from putting your own well-being first.    

Caring for yourself is just as important - if not more important - as caring for others! Too early and too often,  women learn caring for others is first yet then lack the energy vital for self-care, which may in turn impact their own health, as well as the care of others.  Join other women at Pausing to Care, where you will creatively experience your body's relaxation-response,  a necessary first step toward                  pausing in your busy life to for yourself, and then others.


A Big Thanks

Thank-you for putting your well-being first, you cannot serve from an empty vessel!  Once you begin learning how to evoke your own relaxation-response in a supportive community of  like-minded women - pausing to care for themselves - you will easily transfer experiences at Pausing to Care into your life.

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